This body of work looks closely at artefacts that have been used for thousands of years, for jewellery, art and religion. The residue of the cave attempts to look for the essence of a thing by looking closely at the artefacts to see if we can find residue or traces […]

The Residue of the Cave

The Billboards Project started from the question; How is the landscape used as a commodity? There were some questions raised within the project for example: Who is the target audience in terms of pedestrians or vehicle drivers. Of course, it could be deemed dangerous to be aimed at drivers after […]


The Cosmos images were born through thinking about questions of human existence within the universe. How perhaps we were thrown into existence, and what it is to be human. Besides looking at our place within the universe and how we became to be, It also touches on themes of pollution […]


  Three Minutes To Change A life was shot on 5×4 colour film using a homemade pinhole camera. The images took three minutes to expose, roughly the same time it took the artist to escape the Asian Tsunami in 2004 when visiting Phuket, Thailand. Chris’s work tries to explore the […]

Three Minutes To Change A Life

Watching My concept looks at surveillance and technology within the home environment and in public. It addresses concerns over security whilst using technology. Can people really see you through your computer, even if the webcam is switched off? Can people listen in to you from your phone or activate the […]


We build concrete structures and wear gloves to protect our hands; defying nature to build. When buildings of concrete are discarded nature tries to reclaim its sublime beauty and perhaps these things return once again to the earth.  


Chris is an emerging fine art photographer based in Sunderland, North England. He adopts narrative based structures in order to communicate a broad range of personal issues that have a universal human dimension, whether exploring deeply personal traumas or approaching deeply philosophical questions about existence. Chris’s work pushes the boundaries […]

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